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European Vocational Skills Week
Nominees 2022

Thank you for participating in the VET Excellence Awards 2022!

Category:	 Companies & Learners

EAfA awards – Large Companies 

ÖBB Infrastruktur AG

Country: Austria

We were able to realise a record intake of 643 apprentices within the time span of the COVID-19 pandemic starting with the year 2020, with our more than 120 years of training history. A learning management platform was set up for the apprentices, enabling trainers and apprentices to use it, and the support service was intensified. Our journey continues - Next Level Lehre. Read more...




Country: France

As part of the French recovery plan, our Chairman and CEO Jean Pierre Farandou set the lofty goal of registering 7 000 work-study students. All our teams were fully committed to supporting this objective and, as a result, we enrolled 7 304 alternative education students.

Our guidelines for 2022 build on this momentum to:

  • strengthen EU and international mobility projects and partnerships;
  • enhance feminisation and inclusion in our sectors; and
  • develop those professions for which training can be provided through apprenticeships.  Read more...



EAfA awards – SMEs

Moorheilbad Harbach Betrieb GmbH

Country: Austria

Apprentices can also do internships abroad; this commitment was recognised in 2019 with the EQAMOB Award for quality in apprentice mobility. A dedicated lifestyle programme helps apprentices on their way to a healthy lifestyle. During COVID-19, an app was developed to keep employees informed quickly and directly.  Read more...



Otto Stöckl Elektroinstallationen GmbH

Country: Austria

We brought two unique groups together, apprentices and homeless people, with a corporate social responsibility (CSR) project in cooperation with Obdach Wien. After a workshop, our apprentices spent ‘action days’ in the facilities. The project achieved the envisaged socio-political and company training goals. The apprentices acquired social competences, questioned stereotypes and reduced fear of contact. Thus, in addition to the creativity and high degree of innovation of the project, sustainability with a significant social impact was also guaranteed. Read more...



EAfA awards – Apprentices

Apprentice: Mr Evangelos Pouftas

School: OAED EPAS SERRES VET Apprenticeship School

When I started working, I had to quickly adjust to the new measures imposed by the COVID-19 health protocols and find solutions for problems caused by the pandemic. I am very proud that I was able to use innovative modern technologies to build a new database for the office’s clients. I also helped many clients, primarily companies, digitise most of their work and enter a new era of online services by setting up digital technologies in their workplaces to remain competitive even during lockdowns. Read more...



Apprentice: Ms. María Ángeles Martínez Caballero

Thanks to IDEA Alzira, I spent a fruitful year on a VET course about caregiving and mediation. Later, amid the COVID-19 crisis, I was given the opportunity to broaden my horizons and, out of 30 students from different employment workshops, only I participated in an Erasmus+ mobility project. For three months, I worked with socially excluded people at an Italian NGO. This helped me develop many professional and personal skills such as self-confidence, resilience and empathy and, what’s more, it enabled me to find a job back in Spain. Erasmus+ has changed my life. This experience was a turning point on my road to employability because life is about daring to try. Read more...



Training at Work award

Virtual Dawn

Country: Finland

Virtual Dawn has been working on this method for over 12 months and will keep on doing this with future members of the team. Check out the link for the video one of our team members decided to create on how the game looks. Social Media



Zora Robotics NV

Country: Belgium

In addition, ZoraBots solutions are suitable for industry, not to replace human beings, but to enhance productivity and service delivery. Read more...



Category:  VET Innovators

Innovative VET provider award


Country: Greece

With 14 fields of study and 107 different specialties supported by 860 staff members, AKMI offers a dynamic professional start to 14 000 learners annually, fostered through strong links with companies that ensure a high potential for employment opportunities. In terms of internationalisation, AKMI is a member of the European Association of Institutes for Vocational Training (EVBB) and the European Training Foundation’s (ETF’s) Network of Excellence. It has links to 250+ partners in the EU, Africa and Asia, and participates in pilot staff and learner mobility projects between the EU and Africa, and the EU and the Western Balkans. Read more...



Ankara Cezeri Green Technology Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School

Country: Turkey

The roof is covered by soil and endemic plants can be grown. Rain on the roof is collected with the help of an 80-tonne water tank and used for watering. There is a grey water system enabling shower water in the dormitory to be used in the bathrooms after purification. An ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) roof allows maximum light penetration during the day. Solar chimneys supply light for workshops and the gym. VET is supported with modern technology. Read more...



VET Researchers award

Researcher: Professor Linda Clarke

University: University of Westminster

Her recent work, focussing on climate change, includes: the EC-funded project ‘Inclusive VET for Low Energy Construction (VET4LEC)’ covering 10 European countries; and integrating climate literacy into the construction trades in Europe. Her publications include: ‘Overcoming diverse approaches to vocational education and training to combat climate change: the case of low energy construction in Europe’ with Sahin-Dikmen M. and Winch C., Oxford Review of Education, 46/5, 2020; and ‘Knowledge, Skills and Competence in the European Labour Market: What’s in a Vocational Qualification?’ with Winch C. and Brockmann M., Routledge, 2011. Read more...



Researcher: Professor Emeritus J. M. Pieters

University: University of Twente

Together with my research teams, I have identified essential and empirically verified characteristics of sustainable curriculum innovation. I discussed the foundations of collaborative curriculum design, and elaborated its impact on student learning, teacher practices, teacher professional growth, and institutional change. I crossed various disciplines, from Psychology and Educational Science and Technology to Communication Science.

My main theoretical and empirical work is a key to the continuation and further evolution of instructional technology, curriculum design and educational innovation, and teacher training. My publications and contributions to research, teaching and learning, in initial and continuous vocational education and training, are highly acknowledged at the national and international level. Read more...



The Entrepreneurial School - TES, JA Europe award

Vocational Education Competence Centre Riga State Technical School

Country: Latvia

We have launched collaborative plans to develop the entrepreneurial capacity of teachers in different subjects. The school’s long-term plan is focused on systemic activities promoting entrepreneurship, moving towards the involvement of the widest possible number of students in activities and emphasising socially responsible and economically appropriate actions regardless of profession. Read more...



Laboratory of Special Vocational Education of Agios Dimitrios (EEEEK of Agios Dimitrios)

Country: Greece

During our graduate students’ internships, we organise their training in the mini start-ups that operate within the school such as the cafeteria for the staff, the school catering service and through our contribution to provision of food for the homeless in cooperation with the municipality of Agios Dimitrios. Through our practical educational activities, we aim to promote equal opportunities in education and employment and to establish strong links with the local and broader community. Read more...



Category: European funding for excellence in VET

European Social Fund Plus (ESF/ESF+) award

Project: J.O.B Vert (Jeunes Orientés Bio et métiers verts)

Organisation: La Bourrache

We work with young people with little or no qualifications whose life experience is one of rejection, perceived failure and often challenging family issues (violence, addiction, social and financial insecurity, etc). We give them a chance to meet, share their professional expectations and fears, and test themselves in a caring and supervised environment. Over several months, each trainee discovers green jobs by doing them alongside professionals who support them in the daily difficulties encountered. We inspire, emancipate, up/reskill youth within a small and personalised framework so that they’re able to take an active part in the green transition - and it’s working!  Read more...



Project: Training of food production operators

Organisation: Piedmont Region

We wish to guide them towards an eco-friendly and ethical approach to consumption and towards more eco-friendly and sustainable agri-food processing. This approach builds on our mission to care for the earth’s bounty and to preserve and enhance raw materials, regions and cultures. The project includes plant cultivation using two aeroponic growing systems and the application of innovative processing techniques along the agri-food chain that allows our young students to acquire specific skills in plant production, sensory and qualitative analysis, primary and secondary processing, food preservation in drying cabinets and ovens, grinding of organic cereals with stone mills, cooking using multifunctional food processing benches, and transformation of organic waste.  Read more...



Erasmus+, Innovative curricula for the green transition award

Project: Training for sustainable food systems development (T4F)


The population is growing yet the purchasing power of many citizens is decreasing due to economic and social crises. In the context of a climate emergency that demands a successful ecological transition and smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, T4F aims to play a role by creating new jobs. T4F is more than a training course. During the project, we developed a self-study training manual, a user guide, testimonial videos and policy recommendations. The manual is still in use today, demonstrating the project’s success.  Read more...



Project: Veteran tree management skills certification (VETcert)

Organisation: Stiftelsen Pro Natura

It also established a transparent and objective examination procedure to test knowledge and skills related to veteran tree management. VETcert had 10 partners from seven countries and the VETcert certification process has already certified professionals from Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Republic of Ireland, Spain, Sweden and the UK. By promoting better knowledge and providing guidance on the management of our most precious old trees and the species they support, the prospects of these treasures have been significantly improved. Read more...



Erasmus+, Learning opportunities for young people coming from disadvantaged backgrounds award

Project: CAPMOB 2.0

Organisation: GIP FCIP DE PARIS, Paris Academic Centre for Continuing Education (CAFOC)

The Erasmus+ CAPMOB 2.0 project offers students with limited opportunities the opportunity to gain professional experience in Europe, regardless of their level of training or professional field. It brings together 70 % of the public vocational training high schools in the ‘Académie de Paris’. A tutoring system has fostered local synergy among schools, creating a vast and reliable network of mobility actors. Four hundred and seventy-one students and 246 supervisors have already benefited from this programme, and CAPMOB has become a brand among the education community in Paris. Read more...



Project: Working for inclusion and equal opportunities for the most disadvantaged

Organisation: ALMI BILBAO SAL

Our Erasmus+ project ‘Working for inclusion and equal opportunities for the most disadvantaged’ arose in the academic year 2019-2020 to address a need that had emerged over the last few years: finding and implementing activities that improve the behaviour of young people who come to the centre, in many cases as the last option they find to achieve personal and professional development. Thanks to Erasmus+, we have seen how internationalisation can become a motivational epicentre that inspires the most disadvantaged students to become enthusiastic about their studies. Read more...



Project: Developing professional competencies through the acquisition of work experience

Organisation: Toldi Miklós Vocational High School and College for the Food Industry (Toldi Miklós Élelmiszeripari Szakgimnázium, Szakközépiskola és Kollégium)

Our aim was to involve all professions at our school including gardening, baking and food engineering. During the 4-6 weeks of training, the learners improved their language, social and professional skills and finished better prepared to enter the labour market. This project, like our school in general, focused on equal opportunities. We included students in state care facilities, youth who had lost one or both parents, and some with special educational needs. It is of the utmost importance to us for this programme to strongly motivate these students and to prevent them from leaving school or dropping out.  Read more...



Category :  European Agencies

#CedefopPhotoAward “Your green or digital skills story”

Project: ClimateMakeUp

Organisation: Ramón y Cajal Institute of Secondary Education (Instituto de educación secundaria Ramón y Cajal)

We combine these tragedies to portray how our planet wails, explodes and finally falls. Let's not continue with our eyes closed.  Read more...



Project: Cyclades

Organisation: The 5th Evening Vocational Educational High School of Patras

We remove and reuse marine litter from our region's coastline. Using natural pigments and tools, we not only give our found objects a second chance at life, but also preserve ecological integrity. Read more...



European Training Foundation (ETF) Green Skills Award

The city of my dreams

Country: Albania

The project enhances community awareness of the need to include sustainable development, environmental solutions and ecological principles in urban planning, and fills the gap in green education in public schools. It not only seeks to increase youth participation, but to have 50 % female participants. To raise awareness in the whole community, the project will be presented to other schools and used as a working model in cross-curricular projects. Social Media



Environmental and Agricultural Education in School

Country: Georgia

It also summarises the knowledge the students will acquire and what skills will be developed through the activities and assignments presented within the topic. A training process for teachers and curriculum experts is currently being implemented. So far, more than 2 500 teachers have been trained who are now successfully implementing environmental and agricultural activities and spreading the knowledge among their students and colleagues as well. Read more...