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European Vocational Skills Week
News announcement30 August 2019Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion1 min read

Capturing my talents


I grew up in a small foothill town of Lipany, where I was influenced by my family and my parents. My father taught me technical skills: a passion for technology, cars, machines, designing, nature, wood and metal. From my mother, I have learned the first basics of drawing, modelling, spatial creation, art history, history and the ability to communicate my work to other people.

The distinctive Šariš region – an environment full of traditions, history and nature and the proximity of forests (Čergov, Pieniny, Zamagurie, Belianske Tatry) and family life – has always been related to agriculture, fieldwork, forest, tourism and so closely tied to the activities, definitions and hobbies that determined my future steps during my childhood.

Before attending elementary school, my parents decided to capture my talents by enrolling me at the elementary art school in Lipany, where I learned a lot about architecture, spatial creation, drawing and painting in the first years – under the direction of my teacher Iveta Sošková.

When deciding on the choice of my future high school, even though I had, and I have, many other hobbies I knew that I wanted to attend an art school in Košice.

During this period, my decision was further reinforced by a visit to the open day at the Vocational Art School (VAS) in Kosice, where I finally decided to study promotional design, in which I was also admitted.

As a graduate of VAS, I can say for sure that I was most interested in the wide scope of this field – the broad spectrum of the field and the opportunity to study, educate and acquire knowledge in several disciplines: spatial creation, promotion, graphics, drawing, architecture, design, management and marketing, history of art, design and architecture. A very important benefit, which enriched my studies at VAS, is also the ability to present and defend my project, work in front of employers, clients and investors. So I could fully exploit my knowledge of this field I did a master’s degree in industrial design at the Department of Design, Faculty of Arts of the Technical University of Košice. I am a graduate and industrial designer. Vladimír Babjak, Industrial Designer/Automotive Designer, Slovakia


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