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European Vocational Skills Week
News announcement12 November 2020Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion

This course gave me the chance to regain my self-confidence



My name is Halyna and I’m 33. Thanks to a course organized by EnAIP Novara, today I work as a social worker in the public health service. I’m a fulfilled woman, both on an individual and on a professional level, but my serenity came after many battles that I have faced with determination.

I was born in the Ukraine. My dream was to become a nurse, but my economic conditions didn’t allow me to continue my studies. Only after some sacrifices, I got my degree in the economic field. Unfortunately, in the Ukraine there were no opportunities, so I decided to move abroad.

I came to Italy in 2014 and I had to start over: my degree wasn’t recognized, and I had difficulties with the Italian language. Nevertheless, I never forgot my dream to become a nurse: searching online I found the EnAIP course: I enrolled and started a new life.

This course gave me the chance to learn a profession and to find a job, but most important, it helped me to deal with a loss, to regain my self-confidence, to design a better future. Now I want to keep studying to get a specialization.

To me, this job means taking care of people who need help, giving them a smile, and this is what makes me feel good.


Adult learner/employeeProfessional organisation or social partner