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Logotip Europske komisije
European Vocational Skills Week
Priopćenje26 studeni 2020Glavna uprava za zapošljavanje, socijalna pitanja i uključivanje

A craft that smells of wood, innovation and tradition


© 2020, René Caran

My name is René Caran and I focus on an old, beautiful and almost extinct craft. I make a new design and repair old historic parquets. It started when I wanted to continue studying architecture after graduating from high school. The revolution in the Czech Republic opened up new possibilities and I applied to a university in Germany. The condition for admission to Matura is practice or learning in the field of crafts. I became a carpenter. And I no longer wanted architecture. The desire for my own responsibility, creativity and my own projects led me to establish a company. Focus on wooden floor. At present, our company has grown and developed among the market leaders and experts. Thanks to this, our company PARQUET RENSPOL has been implementing the international project WORKCAMP PARQUET for several years with the aim of sharing experiences among young craftsmen. In addition to beautiful floors, we also educate, pass on experience and publish on a professional level. Our work fills us and our employees, entertains us and makes us incredibly happy. We live parquet. We live wood.


Adult learner/employeeEnterprise/employerTeacher/trainer