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News article24 July 2020Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion

Croatian business students mark World Consumer Rights Day


©Komercijalno-trgovačka škola Split

The Commercial and Trade School in Split, Croatia, celebrated World Consumer Rights Day on 15 March. “The whole school was involved and it was fun,” say teachers Ivana Prezzi, Magda Barišić and Marija Istenić. “Students are creative and willing to follow modern and contemporary methods of learning such as gamification.”

The students took part in a project based on the 10 basic principles of consumer protection in the EU (pictured below). Each participating class was split into five small groups, with each group assigned two of the basic principles to research. They wrote their findings on the pie chart and illustrated them using relevant photos from magazines and newspapers, and the results were displayed in the school’s atrium.

World Consumer Rights Day is inspired by a speech by US president John F Kennedy to Congress on 15 March 1962, in which he emphasised that the consumer has the right to be heard. On 1 September 2005, the European Commission issued a document outlining 10 basic principles governed by European legislation under which it protects its citizens and consumers, regardless of which EU country they live and work in.


Ivana Prezzi, Magda Barišić and Marija Istenić, teachers at The Commercial and Trade School of Split, Croatia.