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European Vocational Skills Week
Meddelelse5. november 2020Generaldirektoratet for Beskæftigelse, Sociale Anliggender, Arbejdsmarkedsforhold og Inklusion

Cultural differences made my Erasmus Plus unique!


© 2020, Lucy

In November 2019, I participated in an Erasmus Plus project. After spending 2 weeks in Italy, I have gained an understanding of the Italian culture and I noticed some differences between the British culture and the Italian culture.
The first observation that I had about working in Italy was that the working day is split so they have one long break for lunch whereas in Britain the working day is split into 2 smaller breaks one in the morning and one for lunch. I prefer the Italian approach to the working day as it allows a person to go and have a meal rather than snacks.

About transport, I noticed that in Italy the trains in Italy are double decker and there are ticket machines on every station and the ticket bought must be validated before boarding the train.

One of the main differences in regards to food and drink that I noticed is that British people eat their dinner at around 6pm while in Italy people do not eat until at 8pm when the restaurants start to get busy. I wish I could eat a delicious Italian pizza!

I really hope to come to Italy in the future and thank you Italymobility (www.italymobility.org) for supporting me during this great experience!