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European Vocational Skills Week
News announcement20 November 2017Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion1 min read

Driving in a new direction


Most people in their mid-fifties are slowing down. Jane, from Denmark, decided to retrain and embrace a new career instead.
“I am very happy in my work … I am going to stay here until I die!”
Those are the words of Jane Grøne, a bus driver from Denmark who embarked on her new career in her mid-fifties. Unemployed and lacking formal qualifications, Jane had a choice: live on unemployment or pre-retirement benefits or take the plunge, retrain and see what opportunities were out there for her. When she spotted an advert for trainee bus drivers, the decision was made.
AMU Nordjylland, Jane’s local training vocational training centre, provided the training via its Job Competence programme. Trainee drivers that pass through the centre’s doors learn both theory and practice through modules covering health and safety, first aid, handling money and assisting disabled passengers.
Jane joined the course in 2007 and took to it instantly. “The teachers made it fun and interesting,” she recalls. “They were very professional. Even if some of the things we had to learn were quite boring, I personally didn’t feel bored at any stage.”
That enthusiasm continued into the full-time job she later secured, driving for one of the two main bus companies in Aalborg. “I am happy with my colleagues,” she concludes, “and with my boss. Everyone is treated well and we help each other. It’s like one big family.”
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