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European Vocational Skills Week
Naujienų pranešimas2020 m. birželio 24 d.Užimtumo, socialinių reikalų ir įtraukties generalinis direktoratas

ENAIP (VET provider) responding to the COVID emergency


ENAIP VENETO, one of the largest VET providers in the Veneto Region (IT) was pushed, like most VET providers in Europe, to move their lessons online due to the COVID emergency. Supported by the Veneto Region, they have started to provide their students in need with the necessary equipment, saying no to the digital divide.
ENAIP has also been offering online training courses for health care assistants who needed to update their knowledge during the COVID emergency: as a result, more than a thousand people have already been trained in the last months.

ENAIP also created a YouTube TV channel where one can find webinars, tutorials and lessons (in Italian) about nutrition and cooking, sustainable tourism and enhancement of the environment, digital media and strategies for the post-COVID recovery, health, social care and ethics-related topics, industrial technologies, etc.

As restaurants were closed, to be of help to their local communities, they have shared recipes online to allow everybody to cook delicious meals from their home, like real chefs:

Lastly, the VET provider also offers a wide range of online courses for adults

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2020 m. birželio 24 d.
Užimtumo, socialinių reikalų ir įtraukties generalinis direktoratas
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