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European Vocational Skills Week
Naujienų pranešimas2020 m. gruodžio 3 d.Užimtumo, socialinių reikalų ir įtraukties generalinis direktoratas

European Vocational Skills Week in Gymnasium Vukovar, Croatia


© 2020, Sanja Pavlovic Sijanovic

The students of Gymnasium Vukovar took part in workshops: Lego robotics Education and LittleBits Education.The workshops focused on real problem-solving using technology for students to develop 21st century key skills through Lego bricks, Arduino sensors and littleBits electronic modules for future professional development.STEAM Education not only opens the space for students to develop critical thinking and contributes to innovative solutions but also prepares them to work in completely new areas. The conclusion of the workshops was related to the proper disposal of EE waste which protects the environment in which we live This is the second year since Gymnasium Vukovar actively participated in promotion of the European Vocational skills week through conducting interesting workshops thus contributing to the exchange of experiences of stakeholders in the field of vocational and lifelong learning throughout Europe and beyond Participation in European Vocational Skills Week is a proof that learning throughout life has fundamental importance for employability and personal development.

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