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European Vocational Skills Week
News article30 August 2019Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion

Find out how your company/organisation can help reduce European skills gaps and become more competitive


CEO’s across Europe consider skill gaps a matter of significant concern.

Around 200 CEO’s shared their insight, as part of a recent survey by PwC, that lack of available skills will hamper the growth and competitiveness of their organisation.

To combat this challenge, the European Network of Public Employment Services as well as other organisations are once again hosting Employers’ Days in cooperation with European Vocational Skills Week 2019.

Employers’ Days are an effective way of both finding the right talent to meet specific business requirements and raising awareness of available opportunities.

These events and activities showcase the benefits of investing in human resources, as well as the value of vocational skills in the workplace – including the provision of initial skills, reskilling and upskilling for young people and adults.

Organisations have a role to play in ensuring that the right skills are available when they need them, by participating in, or organising their own events, activities or initiatives.

Already, several Employers’ Days have been organised or scheduled. Here are some examples:

Name of Event: “LET’S WORK”
Location: Brescia, Italy
Date: 03/05/2019
More Info:

Name of Event: Lithuanian Employment Services Employers’ Day Conference
Location: Kaunas, Lithuania
Date: 16/10/2019
More Info:

Name of Event: “Europass at the Day of Apprenticeships”
Location: Vienna, Austria
Date: 16/10/2019

Recently, the International Labour Organisation published the conclusions from an independent Global Commission on the Future of Work. Their findings suggested that the most effective way of boosting economic growth is to better equip citizens to navigate the world of work and upgrade their social contracts. The ideal means of achieving this was shown to be through sustained, increased investment in people’s capabilities, purchasing power and job opportunities.

Employers’ Days support this idea by encouraging companies to be active on skills.

The Employers’ Days organised within the framework of the European Vocational Skills Week are particularly beneficial to companies, workers, and unemployed people, but do not exclude other stakeholder groups.

Register your own Employers’ Day events on the European Vocational Skills Week 2019 website to have them promoted on the website and potentially featured on social media, newsletters and videos prepared for the Week.

Find out about Employers’ Days near you, or register your own here: