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European Vocational Skills Week
Wiadomość prasowa19 listopada 2020Dyrekcja Generalna ds. Zatrudnienia, Spraw Społecznych i Włączenia Społecznego

The first journey is never forget


© 2020, Giacomo

I still remember when at the job interview my principal asked me if I was willing to accompany some teenagers abroad. Perhaps the inexperience prompted me to say yes. So on February 3rd I took a flight that would have made me join 8 of my 16-years-old students in Crewe. I still remember the anxiety and curiosity before leaving. A myriad of questions populated my head: will I be able, at the age of 25, to be a point of reference for them? Will I be able to settle in and adapt to a life far from home? What will it be like to live 15 days in another family? I admit it: I had never travelled abroad alone or had an Erasmus experience. Participation in the “ENACPLUS” project was my first real trip.
The project offered VET learners the opportunity to carry out professional internships abroad. It was gratifying to see my students use the graphics and admin skills learned at school in foreign working contexts. It was fascinating to watch them growing through the comparison with another culture. And I loved sharing discussions and relaxing moments with them!
Upon returning to Italy a headache accompanied my flight: the emotions I lived struck my mind to dig an unforgettable place.

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