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European Vocational Skills Week
Objava novic13. december 2018Generalni direktorat za zaposlovanje, socialne zadeve in vključevanje

Hotel for a day


The tourism industry is more interesting than you think, it has incredible opportunities for realisation.

In connection with European Vocational Skills Week in Bulgaria, the students from the profession "Organiser of Tourist Agencies" held a professional excursion in the field of tourism.

The local business ‘Helier’ Hotel announced an Open Doors Day for students from "Petko Rachov Slaveikov" Professional High School, Yakoruda. During this day a part of the hotel’s professional skills were demonstrated.

  • Meeting and accommodating tourists
  • Sharing a table according to the rules
  • Presentation on ‘Welcome to Yakoruda - the perfect place for vacation’
  • Presentation of a cartoon program for children and adults in Russian and Bulgarian with the slogan: "Every guest of ours - satisfied guest"

Anna Shalamanova, teacher, Bulgaria

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