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European Vocational Skills Week
News announcement7 January 2019Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion

I found my true vocation

VET career

I always wanted to do something with food but I just wasn’t sure what. I used to spend a lot of time cooking with my Mum and learning with my hands, which helped me to figure out what my passion was. I was using practical skills as opposed to theoretical, which I felt particularly suited to. I developed a special ability to develop flavours and a strong understanding of quality food.

When I returned to Belgium, I got into baking and went to a specialist school for baking, pastries and butchery in hotels. Once I got involved with sculpting, I knew I found my true vocation.

For anyone looking to take on an apprenticeship, you will need to have passion, or at least a clear idea of what you might like to do or pursue. You must also be prepared to work hard, because if you aren’t willing to persevere to achieve your goals, then you will not excel.

Find what you love and build your skillset.

European Vocational Skills Week has been really useful as it is interesting to hear the stories of other vocational learners like myself, as well as to share my own stories and influence others. This exchange of experience has been valuable in allowing me to receive advice to take away for my own development, as well as to share my own in order to help others in my situation.