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European Vocational Skills Week
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I gained not only the art fundamentals but much more


Ever since I was a little kid I wanted to draw and create PC games. The Vocational Art School in Košice, Slovakia was my clear choice, because I knew I needed to learn how to work in traditional and digital art media. I chose to study Graphic Design.

During my studies, I gained not only the art fundamentals but much more. My teachers had an individual approach to students, which helped a lot. During the second half of my studies, I got the chance – for the first time – to learn something from the gaming industry thanks to the teachers of the vocational art subjects. They gave us the experience, knowledge but also courage and contacts.

After graduating the vocational school during college, I started to make game graphics as an independent artist. I worked in multiple Slovak game development studios. I helped (among many others) to establish a four years long innovative study program ‘Digital Painting - Concept Art’ at Vocational Art School in Košice, Slovakia. I'm currently working as a 2D Artist/Concept Artist in the Slovak game development studio at the Pixel Federation, which is my dream come true. I regularly present my experience, skill, and knowledge to primary and high school students. I'm participating in educational and art events, and I still learn new skills.

Peter Ondo, 2D Artist / Concept Artist, Slovakia

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