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European Vocational Skills Week
Ankündigung20. November 2019Generaldirektion Beschäftigung, Soziales und Integration

I had the opportunity to develop myself both personally and professionally


As part of the Erasmus+ project, "Designthinking: Social Entrepreneurship Between European Schools" I had the opportunity to develop myself both personally and professionally. Collaborating with students from other countries as it happened during the exchange of experiences in Budapest, broadened my horizons and changed my way of thinking.

The theme of the Erasmus project was social entrepreneurship. I worked in teams and made a sustainable plan with a positive impact from all points of view locally. Collaborating with the teams from the other countries of the project made me notice the differences between companies and the difficulties in the communication when exchanging ideas at international level. Each country has problems with different characteristics. In our haste to solve problems we often forget that a solution of an internal problem imported from abroad will almost certainly not work for us. This project made me think about ways to integrate and adapt a foreign solution to my local problems.

Moise Luminita, Teacher, Romania


Datum der Veröffentlichung
20. November 2019
Generaldirektion Beschäftigung, Soziales und Integration