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European Vocational Skills Week
News announcement19 November 2019Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion1 min read

It was a very positive experience


On 5 June 2019, the first entrepreneurship fair took place in Córdoba. This is an annual meeting that is held simultaneously in all the Andalusian provinces within the framework of the Plan for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship Culture in the Public Education System of Andalusia. Students who have participated in the Innicia program during the school year meet.

In this entrepreneurship fair, participating students were rewarded for their entrepreneurial initiatives with an ‘entrepreneur card’ to encourage them to feel proud of their work and, above all, reward their effort and dedication throughout the year.
Our Basic Vocational Training students participated in the 2019 entrepreneurship fair, undertaking work that we do throughout the course, such as making and upholstering clothes hangers, creating paintings to decorate empty walls, and making boxes for storing jewellery. We also make bags for all occasions, from beach bags to party bags.

One day, our students sold the products they had developed throughout the school year on the Grand Captain's Boulevard, in order to motivate their entrepreneurial abilities, reinforce the idea that creativity is necessary to promote employment, and encourage initiative for their respective future businesses. Those teachers who had helped them in this program, and were also part of it, accompanied them.

The most important work at the fair was the teamwork that the students and teachers in the second year of Basic Vocational Training carried out preparing beautiful, modern flamenco skirts. This was done with the aim of making our work and our professionalism known, since it is not always recognised as ours. The tailoring process is very motivating, and we learned through teamwork. We undertook all phases of tailoring, from the realisation of the base patterns of the skirt, to transforming it into a flamenco skirt with a steering wheel. We learned to cut the fabric correctly, to prepare it for sewing and finally, once made, we ironed all the skirts for staging.

It was a very positive experience, as students saw their work, which began with the threading of a needle, born. In the end, all of our students tried on the skirts that they had made themselves, to wear at the entrepreneurship fair. Everything was prepared thanks to the students’ motivation, laughter, and above all, hard work and enthusiasm.

Rocío García, Basic Vocational Training Teacher, Spain


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