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European Vocational Skills Week
Anúncio de notícias26 novembro 2018Direção-Geral do Emprego, dos Assuntos Sociais e da Inclusão

Learn and apply

learn and apply

On 5-9 November 2018 at the Technical College, Nr. 2 Tg-Jiu carried out an activity with the title ‘Learn and Apply’, belonging to the program European Week of Professional Competences 2018. The activity consisted of the elaboration and finalisation of thematic technical layouts by a part of the target groups who participated in the project ERASMUS+: Steps for Competence, project run by the institution during 2017-2018. The technical layouts are interdisciplinary, with their purpose being the materialisation of the skills and competences acquired by students in original final products created by the team. The target areas are environmental protection and electrical domains. The technical layouts will be presented during the final dissemination session.

Bizocu Codruta, teacher, Romania

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Data de publicação
26 novembro 2018
Direção-Geral do Emprego, dos Assuntos Sociais e da Inclusão