Mur għall-kontenut ewlieni
European Vocational Skills Week
Avviż tal-aħbarijiet12 Novembru 2020Id-Direttorat Ġenerali tal-Impjiegi, l-Affarijiet Soċjali u l-Inklużjoni

A lifetime experience through Erasmus-exchange


© 2020, Aurora Vertonen

My name is Aurora and I studied Media and Visual Expression.

Before leaving I studied Spanish language and culture. The first five weeks I did an internship at the Baraka Media advertising agency in Bilbao. I learned how to use different editing tools, used video, camera and streaming tools, and I had the chance to see how movies are shot. It was very educational because the staff had time to explain how I should do my assignments. The last week I worked on a Lean project. My task was to record people speaking different languages and edit the recordings into videos.

The whole trip was just incredible – a great experience! I grew enormously as a person, and my self-esteem and language skills improved. I met wonderful people and experienced life in another culture. Even though I had tried to get to know the culture beforehand, I had no real idea what life there would be like. You can’t understand a culture properly before you live in it. And the experience gives you another perspective on your own culture.

I am extremely grateful for this amazing experience, and I can highly recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity to go abroad.


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