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European Vocational Skills Week
Naujienų straipsnis2017 m. lapkričio 23 d.Užimtumo, socialinių reikalų ir įtraukties generalinis direktoratas

Over 1000 attendees gather in Brussels for European Vocational Skills Week 2017!


During the second European Vocational Skills Week, the Commission will showcase high quality initiatives which aim to equip people with the skills they need in a fast-changing labour market. Events will continue the theme of ‘Discover Your Talent’, inspiring people to galvanise their abilities through quality vocational education and training at all stages of their life.

Throughout the Week many events and activities are taking place including key note speeches from Stefano Scarpetta, Director, Employment, Labour and Social Affairs Directorate, OECD and James Calleja, Director of Cedefop. There will also be a chance to hear first-hand accounts of how vocational education and training made a difference to young and adult learners lives.

The week also includes an award ceremony celebrating VET Excellence. Marianne Thyseen, European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility will present a series of awards during the closing event on 24 November 2017.

To follow the events, a live video stream of the plenary sessions straight from Brussels will be available online:

Thursday 23 November
Friday 24 November

The events can also be followed on social media via #EUVocationalSkills and #DiscoverYourTalent and the week’s programme can be found on the website

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2017 m. lapkričio 23 d.
Užimtumo, socialinių reikalų ir įtraukties generalinis direktoratas