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European Vocational Skills Week
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Professionals in public nutrition through European internships


Professionals in public nutrition through European internships - ERASMUS + 2017 - 2019

To offer our students from vocational education not only a good theoretical education, but also practical training, we initiate this project as we know the level of knowledge and the abilities these students have is low enough, their interest in education and training is also low, and their attitude towards change and evolution is pretty reluctant.

After the analysis of opportunities to have practical training stages in public catering companies locally and regionally related to the module “Organising Special Meals” that can be offered to our students, we reached the conclusion that there are not too many companies that can offer practical training with the aim of developing the competencies related to this module.

Analysing the possible solutions, we consider the most viable one is to have the practical stage in public catering companies in Malaga, Spain and Paphos, Cyprus. They will be in two fluxes for 28 students who study in the third year of vocational education, having the qualification of waiter/shop assistant in public catering companies, to become professionals in the field of client serving, according to the international standards in the field of catering.

1. Developing the competences of organising and serving clients at different special events for 28 students from the vocational education department with the qualification of waiter through a practical training stage at a European level.

2. Developing competences of correct communication in a foreign language (English, Spanish, and Greek).

3. Having a proactive attitude towards the novelties in the field and towards their own professional evolution.

4. Being aware of the necessity to obey the protocol, sustainable development, hygiene, safety and work security rules.

5. Adapting to work professional environment organised and understanding with the quality standards and work relationships in companies.

Mihaela Ciuchi, teacher, inspector, Romania