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European Vocational Skills Week
Anunț1 noiembrie 2018Direcția Generală Ocuparea Forței de Muncă, Afaceri Sociale și Incluziune

Providing Active Skills for Tourism


From 20th July to 9th October 2015 I attended the programme entitled "PAST-Providing Active Skills for Tourism", on the beautiful island of Crete in Greece.

During that time, I acquired skills in the cultural Area-Museum at the paleontological museum of Rethymno, where I had the opportunity to design a questionnaire and complete a statistical report of data. At the end of the period, I had drafted a report on visitors to the Museum. I had also played the role in welcoming and guiding visitors to the Museum. The host organisation (European Centre in Training for Employment) had organised a seminar on Greek language and then follow up meetings with tutors.

During my training programme in Greece, I had improved my level of English, both in spoken and written. I had acquired digital skills and learned teamwork and self-management skills. It was my first summer job-studio experience, where I had met so many people, visited beautiful places and spent endless evenings surrounded by moussaka and raki.

William Quattrocchi