Preskoči na glavno vsebino
European Vocational Skills Week
Objava novic12. november 2020Generalni direktorat za zaposlovanje, socialne zadeve in vključevanje

School for people who know what to strive for


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In my opinion, Riga State Technical School is an ideal school for people who know what to strive for and what to engage in. It is a very good school to develop technical and practical thinking, so useful in everyday life.
Outside of studies, I spend my free time improving my knowledge in technical drawing and developing computer-controlled machine tool programs, as well as implementing ideas and constructing and making parts from various metals, wood and other materials.
Currently, I have submitted an internship application to a serious company "Skan-Tooling", where I intend to improve my knowledge in the development and production of high-precision molds with a wide range of engineering complexity.

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