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European Vocational Skills Week
Annuncio18 maggio 2022Direzione generale per l’Occupazione, gli affari sociali e l’inclusione

Spectacular first day of the 2022 European Vocational Skills Week

Spectacular first day of the 2022 European Vocational Skills Week

The 2022 European Vocational Skills Week (the Week) kicked off on 16 May with several engaging VET workshops, thought-provoking panel discussions, inspiring webinars, and other interactive learning events around Europe and virtually.

Throughout the day participants examined the many varied aspects of VET and the Green Transition – the theme of the 2022 Week – on the road to net emissions by 2050, as envisioned in the European Green Deal.

Green, Greener, VET (Challenges)

The Week opened with the reflective webinar on Green, Greener, VET (Challenges), organised by VET4EU2, a platform of European associations of VET providers: EVTA, EfVET, EUproVET, EVBB. Vocational education and training policy experts, students, providers, and other stakeholders looked at the challenges and proposed solutions for the greening of VET. They concluded that VET can be a fantastic “catalyst for the green transition”. Moderator Alicia Leonor Sauli Miklavčič, chair of VET4EU2, was joined by an engaging line-up of panellists, including Lisa Rustico, expert in VET for adults and apprenticeships at Cedefop.

Intellectual property rights (IPR) – how to unlock the untapped economic
potential for European cultural heritage and cultural tourism Webinar

People from all over Europe tuned in for the insightful virtual workshop Intellectual property rights (IPR)– how to unlock the untapped economic potential for European cultural heritage and cultural tourism. Hosted by Dr Karin Drda-Kühn, entrepreneur and Managing Director of Kultur und Arbeit e.V. Culture and Work, and Thomas Bürvenich, European Patent Attorney with Tergau & Walkenhorst, the webinar offered a compelling overview on managing IPR, with several case studies – such as the annual Oktoberfest and its trademarks. The webinar also covered aspects of the green agenda and examined multiple ways through which one can “turn essence into intellectual property”.

During the next few weeks, the LEARN-IP online training platform will be filled with training content available to all, with useful modules such as on the Transformation of cultural heritage and tourism assets into IP. The platform was cofounded by the EU’s Erasmus+ Programme.

Digital Insights 2-day event

Unique workshops and events, interactive online escape rooms, and other fun learning opportunities focused on sustainability and IT for students are taking place during the two-day Digital Insights (16-17 May) event, offering a behind-the-scenes view of how Microsoft Germany, SAP, and Siemens work. Participants will explore their innovative practices, products, and policies.

The Netherlands VET Gala - Dit is mbo (This is MBO) Award Ceremony

The first day of the Week ended on a high note, with a celebration of VET in The Netherlands at the VET Gala - Dit is mbo (This is MBO) Award Ceremony, during the Dutch VET Skills Week. It was an evening of musical performances and inspiring acceptance speeches. In a thrilling final, the jury chose Clemens van den Broek as National Ambassador MBO 2022 and awarded several other VET prizes at the Orpheus theatre in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands.

“Clemens had an authentic and personal story. He has not had an easy life. In his story, I could hear that MBO has helped him [go] further," said Jury Chairman Adnan Tekin, chairman of the MBO Council. Clemens received the newly-stated award from Finnish Minister of Education, Culture and Science Robbert Dijkgraaf, who noted that “the jury had a task that was not easy to say the least. We've seen that too. The new National Ambassador for MBO is someone who stands for MBO with his passion”.

Fans celebrated both in the atmospheric theatre and online. Students, teachers, representatives of training companies joined in the celebration, led by TV presenter Jan Versteegh, and featuring Sophie Straat and her band, who put on a spectacular gala show.

Several hundred relatives and friends in the hall watched the sizzling presentation of the numerous awards together with more than a thousand online viewers who watched the live stream.


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