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European Vocational Skills Week
News announcement29 August 2019Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion2 min read

Take a step competition


Our students devised a business idea and created a business plan, based on the task created by representatives of local companies and the local municipality. The teachers that prepared, organised and ran all activities for the event were me and Milena Obradovic.

This year the theme was to create a product or service, that will enrich the tourist and services offered in the municipality of Lučani, and thus attract more tourists to Dragačevo throughout the year.

1. In the preparatory part of the competition, our students completed a series of activities: panels held by experts from sponsor companies introduced pupils into the topic; and lectures by professors on the structure and development of the business plan, the basics of finance, market research, and marketing.

2. During another day, our students made business plans and PowerPoint presentations of their business ideas.

3. The following week, students presented their work and answered questions from the jury. The jury evaluated teams based on the following criteria: the quality of the business plan; the innovation of the idea; the quality of the presentation; team spirit; and the cooperation of team members. Students presented their business plans, illustrated by a presentation in front of the jury that consisted of representatives from companies, local governments, and school teachers.

The aim of the competition was to provide students with an insight into the modern way of doing business and motivate them to improve their entrepreneurial spirit. Our school represents multiple vocational pathways including gymnastics, financial administration, chemical engineering and, in dual education, welders – so they are all part of the target group. The target groups were students of all grades and directions, but also the local government assigned representatives to the jury and local companies are involved as social partners.

The activity involved about 10% of our school students, two successful companies, local government, school administration, pupils (who were the audience), student mentors, school mentors, and teachers (as the audience). This activity was professional training in the institution in the field of entrepreneurship.

The "Take a Step" competition resulted in many ideas that the jury described as being ‘practical in practice’. Students gained basic knowledge of entrepreneurship, and through the work in heterogeneous groups, a real environment was simulated so students could experience what the real world of business looks like; confront ideas, and devise a common solution. The results included students using primarily ICT tools for the work and mastered presenting to an audience of schoolmates. The inclusion of social partners is a great benefit for the school because they have established relationships through "Take a Step", and the companies have identified among their students their future workers and associates. The companies provided cash prizes for the first three teams. The local government supported this activity through the engagement of experts, and deputy municipal representatives attended the event. The excellent event was broadcasted by the local media.

Ivana Čvorović Plavšić, Economics teacher, Serbia


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