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European Vocational Skills Week
Ankündigung30. November 2018Generaldirektion Beschäftigung, Soziales und Integration

A teachers contribution


10 years ago I tried to convince a parent to let his daughter attend a course in a vocational school to become an aesthetician.

For this parent, they assumed the only way for a successful career was through General Education and an academic career. His daughter attended high school in order to enroll for university. Unfortunately, she failed her exams after the first year. I had a 3 hour discussion with him to convince him to let her attend a vocational school. As a teacher he took my opinions seriously and I managed to convince him.

The student finished her course in the vocational school and continued to further vocational education. After working in a beauty salon for a number of years, she is now employed as an aesthetician at a summer resort.

I believe a teachers contribution is very important regarding guidance and the professional career of young people. I feel we need to help our students follow their dreams and discover their talent, by focusing on their personality and aspirations.


Datum der Veröffentlichung
30. November 2018
Generaldirektion Beschäftigung, Soziales und Integration