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European Vocational Skills Week
Annuncio8 ottobre 2019Direzione generale per l’Occupazione, gli affari sociali e l’inclusione

Thanks to the VET program, I can now consider myself a ‘citizen of the world’


At the age of 18, I had to figure out what I was going to do in the future. I decided to focus on the tourism sector and searched for all the available schools for relevant opportunities. That was when I came across the Mentoring Dual International (MENDI) project.

It was entirely different from any other school or project, and in 2014, I started my journey - for me, it was an amazing experience. It allowed me to find myself, to discover ‘me’, in a way. I had to work hard but, in the end, I got the biggest reward! My CV now bears well-known corporation names, such as Robinson Club, and I currently work as a waitress for TUI Cruise ships.

Thanks to the VET program, I can now consider myself a ‘citizen of the world’, which is rather important to me! Travelling the world and exchanging cultural elements is, to me, a kind of magic, and I am grateful that I graduated from a program that has allowed me to do that!

Sofia Karlatira, waitress for TUI Cruise ships, Greece