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European Vocational Skills Week
Ankündigung19. November 2020Generaldirektion Beschäftigung, Soziales und Integration

Two experiences. Two cultures. Two ways of observing.


© 2020, Vera Bottazzi

As a teacher I was hosted at Friesland College in the Netherlands. An excellence in Dutch VET: close relationship with local companies and middle school. The goal is to create European worker-citizens. Companies are an integral and decisive part of each student's career development. Back to Italy I was able to implement some of the educational strategies within the CFP Canossa of Bagnolo Mella (Brescia - Italy), improving the VET offer.
As a tutor I accompanied six students to Valencia in Spain. They were hosted in the local families and worked daily in pastry shops. I understood how fundamental these experiences abroad are our students. In terms of work: they acquired numerous skills and were able to compare different approaches to pastry. In relational terms: they were hosted in a family, they made effective use of language skills and understood the cultural tradition of a new country. They left as inexperienced teenagers and returned with a wonderful background of growth.
The hope is that the program will continue to include more and more teachers and students.


Datum der Veröffentlichung
19. November 2020
Generaldirektion Beschäftigung, Soziales und Integration