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Известие4 Mай 2020 г.Генерална дирекция „Трудова заетост, социални въпроси и приобщаване“

VET school supports fight with COVID-19


TEC supplies Danish hospitals with vital equipment

Similar to most other nations affected by the epidemic, hospitals across the country have been running out of key equipment. The items particularly in need include personal protective equipment such as facemasks.

Although the school has been physically closed off since the spread of the disease took off in Denmark, TEC have been doing what they can to lend a hand to the health care workers. Throughout the crisis, staff at TEC has continuously searched through the school to find equipment. So far, they have supplied several hospital with important equipment such as protective glasses, masks and gloves.

Not only have TEC supplied hospitals with existing equipment: Some of our staff have taken it a step further by producing new equipment with 3D-printers. Creative production spaces are kept open, while a few teachers are working the 3D-printers to produce visors for the medical staff at the hospitals of Greater Copenhagen. The visors have played an important role in the protection of the nurses, who are grateful for the much-needed equipment.

TEC helps schools and childcare services deal with hygiene challenges

A few weeks ago, the government announced limited reopening of schools and childcare services. With the reopening, comes challenges regarding hygiene and sanitation.

As the leading educator within hygiene and cleaning services, TEC has committed to the launch of a number of initiatives to help the reopened institutions deal with those challenges.

Among other things, TEC offers consulting services in the field of hygiene and cleaning. The service includes planning of cleaning tasks according to the official requirements and advice on proper use of cleaning and disinfection equipment.

Furthermore, TEC offers online hygiene courses focused on minimizing the spread of infection in schools and childcare facilities. Additionally, teaching staff from the service assistant education program has created short educational movies on basic cleaning and hygiene available online.