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European Vocational Skills Week
Anúncio de notícias21 dezembro 2020Direção-Geral do Emprego, dos Assuntos Sociais e da Inclusão

VET Skills at Bernardin Frankopan Gymnasium and Vocational School, Ogulin, Croatia


© 2020, Branko Rumenović

I am VET teacher and I have participated in the Europea Vicational Skills Week since 2016. I held several activities: presentation of Erasmus and eTwinning projects, organize online lecture and my students from virtual company present their work. I promoted this event in eTwinning Statistics at Schools teacher group and participate in international online conference. This event is important for students and they are happy to participate in it. The experience of participating in European Vocational Skills Week each year provides me motivation to participate and share examples of good practice. As a VET teacher, I am especially pleased with the fact the European Vocational Skills Week brings students closer by participating in this event, provide an opportunity to connect theory and practical knowledge of economics. Seeing the satisfaction of students for participation in projects, their interest in the profession and interest in sharing knowledge and experiences with other students from Europe is invaluable.

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Data de publicação
21 dezembro 2020
Direção-Geral do Emprego, dos Assuntos Sociais e da Inclusão
Professional organisation or social partnerStudentTeacher/trainer