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European Vocational Skills Week
News announcement2 June 2020Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion1 min read

VET students of Zadkine Startcollege prepare 3.000 meals for families in poor conditions


The power woman who used to take care of preparing dinners for families in poor conditions in a Rotterdam neighborhood had to end her activities at once. So community police officer Natalie van Hoorn decided to post a call for help on LinkedIn: Who would be willing to help preparing meals? This got noticed right away.

Team manager Nilanthi Lammers of Zadkine Startcollege read this call for help and got into contact with the Rotterdam city Council: she proposed that catering industry students prepare healthy dinners for families in a poor situation in this neighborhood. And this is what they have been doing for a period of ten weeks now during three days a week. It adds up to 3000 meals. Most of the students have a disadvantaged background but this does not stop them.

Cooperation included other stakeholders.

“Huis van Wijk De Nieuwe Gaffel” of WMO radar provides the addresses. Organisation Pameijer delivers and distributes the meals prepared by Zadkine Startcollege to several distribution points such as Aktiegroep, residential groups and neighborhood pastoral care in the districts of Feijenoord, Het Oude Westen, Vreewijk en Cool. Zero food waste adds on products such as potatoes and vegetables which they receive free of charge.

In the meantime they are at their third assignment; preparing meals for Humanitas and providing take away meals together with Resto VanHarte at cost price for people living in the Vreewijk neighborhood once a week. “And if you realize that we also use this period to have practical exams for our students, even while they are contributing to society in order to help, I am really okay!! says Kees Arons, a teacher.


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