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European Vocational Skills Week
News announcement29 August 2019Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion1 min read

Vocational school opened a gateway to the artistic world


We are three young artists, and there are two things that bind us together besides art: all three of us work at the same place and all of us started our professional path on the same school – Vocational Art School (VAS) in Košice, Slovakia. Art guided us through our childhood, and we had some artistic experience before our studies at intermediate school. However, it was this school that fully opened a gateway to the artistic world for us.

We attended printmaking where, under professional supervision, we obtained a lot of valuable experience in the fields of traditional printmaking, illustration, creation in digital media, which we use today. VAS gave us a solid start for our artistic progression and development. After finishing studies at this school, we separated for some time in order to study at different universities. Whether it was the Academy of Fine Arts or the University of Technology, we all gathered back together after some time in our current job in the graphic studio – Beren Ateliér.

Work in this company includes working in digital media but includes often hand drawing and painting. We have an opportunity to work on different interesting projects in the fields of advertisement, graphic design and illustration. Besides our work, we are dedicated to our own fine art activities and projects. Patience, positive approach to projects and teamwork, we took all of these from school. Also, thanks to this school we discovered our talent, work in our profession and it all makes us happy in life.

Filip Bandurčin, Illustrator, Graphic designer, Slovakia


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