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European Vocational Skills Week
News announcement8 January 2019Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion1 min read

Winners of the CEDEFOP award at European Vocational Skills Week 2018


The students discuss their award win and aspirations for the future through Vocational Education and Training…

“We certainly hoped we would win an award but it came as a pleasant surprise when we won nonetheless! For us it was just important to share our pictures and more importantly the story. The story we told focuses on a successful event we organised.

It was terrific because this entry gave us an opportunity to make it our own whilst also realising our individual talents, working together to demonstrate these and sharing them with everyone. We wanted to surprise ourselves and share our talents with others as a team and we’re grateful that Skills Week 2018 has given us this platform. It was also great to work as a multicultural unit and this was also very important to us.”

“I am in my final year at school, studying an apprenticeship in hospitality and reception. I chose to do this because the Erasmus Plus projects available are great and open so many doors for the future. After I finish my apprenticeship, I would like to travel and work around the world and hopefully do this through another Erasmus project.”

“I have been studying in the field of Baron Service at a vocational school in Loreto through the Erasmus Plus KA2 programme. I have also been able to study in Spain too which has allowed me to experience a new culture and history, whilst also learning the language and adding another skill to my profile.”

“I have been studying at a horticulture school, in the hospitality and reception sector. Like Erica, I would like to travel and work in different places when I complete my apprenticeship.”

Their teacher also goes into depth as to why she chose teaching as a career…

“I decided to become a teacher because I find it incredibly rewarding to see the students growing in talent, independence, self-confidence and being able to watch and guide them as they begin to realise they can choose their own future and the dreams they want to pursue. We took part in this competition because we wanted to raise awareness and to encourage other young people get involved.”


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