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European Vocational Skills Week

Gastro and old-timer vehicle festival in Tiszaörs

We organize a gastro- and old-timer vehicle festival for the 10th time. The goal of our festival introducing the local trades and values, showing the possibilities of them. We invite the families as visitor and the firms and the other stakeholders of the VET as exhibitor.

We organize a conference too, as the part of the festival: “The traditional trades of our region”. We introduce the evolution of the dry pasta maker trade; how can we revive a traditional trade (presentation and a living baking show).

The local civil society organization (“Polgárőr Egyesület”, “Perspektíva Egyesület”, “HRCT Egyesület” and other local organisations) support our events (festival and soncference).

Estimated total reach or number of participants: 2000

  • vocational training | vocational education
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  • Hungary
Type of event/activity
Exhibition / online exhibition
Main audience
Parents and families
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Civil society organisationOther

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