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European Vocational Skills Week
Usposabljanja in delavnice

It represents to me what I am learning

Practical activity workshops in different fields, responsible for what the students from the Technological High School Nr.2 Tg-Jiu.

The main workshops are part of the specific curriculum and follow the competencies, skills and attitudes provided by the curricula of the general culture discipline and in the standards of professional training of the specialized discipline.

There will be practical workshops in the fields of electronics, tourism and food, car mechanics, environmental protection, physics, chemistry, foreign languages, and artistic creation - literary creation, plastic, theater.

Parents and students and teachers from schools in the county will be invited.

Our high school students will share their experience.

Estimated total reach or number of participants: 300


  • vocational education | vocational training
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  • Târgu Jiu, Romania
  • Zunanji dogodek
Type of event/activity
Open doors event / online open doors event
Main audience
Pupils / learners in general education
Type of organisation
Vocational training school/provider

Praktične informacije

Liceul Tehnologic Nr. 2
Târgu Jiu, Romania
Liceul Tehnologic Nr. 2
Spletna stran
Liceul Tehnologic Nr. 2