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European Vocational Skills Week
Конференции и срещи на високо равнище

Online Interview with the Business World

Trainings on Career Planning and Career Planning in Vocational Education will be given to vocational education students throughout the province of Sinop. Career days will be organized in cooperation with Sinop University Career Development and Alumni Coordinator.

Estimated total reach or number of participants: 300

  • vocational training | vocational education
  • Петък 1 Aприл 2022 г., 08:30 ч. - 17:30 ч. (CEST)
Type of event/activity
Fair / career day
Main audience
Vocational students, including apprentices
Type of organisation
Vocational training school/provider

Практическа информация

Петък 1 Aприл 2022 г., 08:30 ч. - 17:30 ч. (CEST)
Целева група
Vocational students, including apprentices
Turkish Sign Language
Sinop Provincial Directorate of National Education