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European Vocational Skills Week
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School industry cooperation

On 02.03.2022, the school & industry cooperation protocol between our Installation Technology and Air Conditioning Field and Tigers Refrigeration Company, which covers teacher-student education, students' internships, post-graduation employment and supplying the material needs of the field was signed by General Manager Nazlı KAPLAN and School Director Dursun DURAN.

As part of the protocol, to enable students to adapt in a factory environment in the workplace and in order to ensure employment as a skilled worker after graduation; it was decided to equip students with skills and competencies by providing training courses within the factory on the dates determined both by the company and school.

Estimated total reach or number of participants: 45


  • vocational training | vocational education
  • Monday 11 April 2022, 09:29 (CEST)
Type of event/activity
Employers' day
Main audience
Vocational students, including apprentices
Type of organisation
Vocational training school/provider

Practical information

Monday 11 April 2022, 09:29 (CEST)
Who should attend
Vocational students, including apprentices
Directorate Of National Education