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European Vocational Skills Week
Training and workshops

We learn, We develop

As Başsavcı İhsan Eroğul Vocational Technical Anatolian High School, we are a school that has adopted self-development and a new generation education. That's why we want to continue on our way by getting to the basis of the professions we will do in the future, assimilating them and improving ourselves.

Our aim of starting the vocational training process is to act in line with the goals we have determined in the future and to continue on the road as a professional.For our 9th grade students, we will use seminar in their area, they develop their technical skills.

Their section is fashion design. We will convey innovations and developments in their fields to them. Our aim is to go further under the guidance of knowledge and logic.

Estimated total reach or number of participants: 20

  • vocational training | vocational education
  • Wednesday 20 April 2022, 08:30 - 17:30 (CEST)
Type of event/activity
Information campaign
Main audience
Vocational students, including apprentices
Type of organisation
General education school/provider

Practical information

Wednesday 20 April 2022, 08:30 - 17:30 (CEST)
Başsavcı İhsan Eroğul Vacational and Technical Anatolian High School