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European Vocational Skills Week
European Vocational Skills Week 2022

Link your event to the Week. Yes, you still can!

The key to the success of the European Vocational Skills Week 2022 is the active involvement of organisations, companies, and individuals. Any school, company, association or organisation in the EU, EFTA, or EU candidate countries, or that is supported by the European Training Foundation, can organise events as part of the Week.

If you are organising an event focused on the theme of VET and you want to help raise its profile, register it on the Week's website through this form. By linking it, your event or activity becomes part of the Week benefiting from a host of promotional material to help you spread your message further.

We invite you to connect your local, regional, and national VET events and activities to the Week, whether they are being held in-person, online or both. Don’t forget, you play an important role in showcasing best practices in VET, inspiring others to follow your example.

We will provide you with a number of resources, such as toolkits to help promote your event through the media, social media, and other channels.

Register your event or activity to link it to the European Vocational Skills Week 2022 today.


View events registered for the Week 2022

How can I take part as an event organiser?

A partner can be any organisation promoting VET in:

  • European Union Member States;
  • EU candidate countries;
  • EFTA (European Free Trade Association) countries;
  • Partner countries of the European Training Foundation.

Register your own local, regional or national event/activity as part of the Week and:

  • raise awareness about training and skills, locally and across Europe;
  • promote professional skills;
  • share your examples of excellence;
  • engage with a European and international network.

Register your event or activity

When can the event take place?

Any organisation wishing to organise a VET event or activity across Europe either prior to, during (16-20 May), or after the Week can link it to the European Vocational Skills Week 2022. All VET events taking place across Europe can apply to be associated with the Week.

Partner events and activities can be held online or in person, or both, according to local COVID-19 guidelines.

Why should you link up?

Organising an event or activity is an excellent way to raise awareness about your work in the field of VET.

Approved events and activities are featured on this website, making it a great opportunity to promote your organisation, whether it is through a ‘closed’ event/activity or one that is open to everyone, including the possibility of streaming the Week’s events during the Week itself.

Before the event

1. Prepare your event

All activities and events that promote VET are welcome. If you cannot organise an in-person event because of COVID-19 restrictions, why not organise an online event – such as a webinar, online forum, virtual careers fair, Facebook Live, or Instagram Live?

You need to plan and implement each stage carefully. It does not matter if the event or activity is big or small, open only to a specific group, open to the public, or organised by a professional event organiser or students. The events and activities all belong to the VET family and can be part of the European Vocational Skills Week.

2. Register your event

It takes no more than 10 minutes and allows you to promote your organisation and your event at EU level.

Register here

3. Receive your confirmation and the European Vocational Skills Week stamp

You can add the Official Partner of European Vocational Skills Week 2022 stamp to your promotional materials, web page and social media. There are also promotional resources available to co-brand your event with the Week.

4. See your event added to the European Vocational Skills Week webpage

5. Keep up to date with the Week and network with other event organisers

You can also tag the following social media accounts on Twitter @EU_social, @EuropeanYouthEU, and Facebook Social Europe, European Youth. There is also a Facebook group dedicated to the Week.

During the event

Get involved by promoting your event as part of the Week through your social media networks with these hashtags:



You can also tag the following social media accounts on Twitter @EU_social, @EuropeanYouthEU and Facebook Social Europe, European Youth.

Don’t forget to make use of local media such as newspapers, TV, radio and their digital versions or stand-alone websites – as well as talking to bloggers to spread your message.

After your event takes place

Please share with us highlights from your event.

Contact us for any queries: