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European Vocational Skills Week
News article5 December 2023Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion3 min read

The 2023 European Vocational Skills Week in a nutshell

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Dive into the takeaways from the key events organised at EU level:  

Spanish Presidency of the EU Council Conference on recognition of vocational training qualifications, 23-24/10, Seville 

The main topic was recognition of vocation education and training qualifications and how the progress can be advanced. There was a highlight on the importance of placing VET at the centre of the political agenda at international level as a fundamental axis for people of all ages to improve and retrain for their personal and professional development.  

Meeting of Directors-General for Vocational Education and Training (DGVT), 25-26/10, Seville 

The meeting brought together high-level representatives from ministries in charge of VET from 34 countries, together with the European cross-sectoral social partners, Commission, Cedefop and the European Training Foundation to present and discuss the reform of the Spanish VET system, open strategic autonomy and the role of VET in it, automatic recognition of VET qualifications, strategies to incorporate SMEs into the VET systems and digital and green transition in VET systems. 

European Digital Credentials for Learning: Showcase your Skills!, 24/10, online 

The webinar focused on why the era of paper diplomas is coming to an end and why there is a need to come to system-wide use of digital qualifications and credentials. The webinar fostered a discussion on the use of micro-credentials in VET and how European Digital Credentials for Learning can be used for this, especially in highlighting acquired skills and entitlements (where relevant).  

Watch the recording here

EQAVET webinar: Creating a quality culture in VET - Trends and developments in quality assurance for VET providers, 26/10, online 

Participants highlighted several learning points related to Quality Assurance (QA) at the VET provider level. These included the benefits of an EU QA framework, the importance of ongoing progress and alignment with national VET systems, and the inclusion of outcome-based indicators that focus on labour market demands. The webinar showcased the adaptability of the EQAVET framework, which allows countries to align their approaches and indicators with their unique national contexts.  

Watch the recording here

OECD’ webinar: Charting the Future of Vocational Education and Training: Insights and Strategies for Tomorrow’s Workforce, 26/10, online 

The webinar discussed how to build VET systems that are ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow, including the shift towards greener production methods and the increasing demand for complex skills in the labour market. The webinar covered an OECD presentation on the 2023 Education at a Glance and “Building Future-Ready VET systems” report; the state of play of the European Year of Skills; and panel which reflected on how VET can effectively address labour market needs.   

Watch the recording here

EU Policy Camp: Shaping the Future of Vocational Education and Training in Europe! organised by the EVBB (part of European Associations of VET providers), 23-27/10, Brussels 

The overarching goal of the event was to elevate awareness and initiate a robust consultation process addressing the current landscape of EU policies in the field of education, all while creating a diverse and balanced group that values the contributions of individuals from different backgrounds and levels of expertise. 

At national level, around 300 events have been organized so far as part of the 2023 European Vocational Skills Week and around 70 events took place during 23-27 October. Some of the topics covered by these events are: vocational excellence, micro-credentials, digital skills, apprenticeships, skills for the future. Curious? Check here the list of events.   

Do you organise events/activities related to VET or skills in general? Register your events until May 2024 on the EYS map and share your success stories with us!