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European Vocational Skills Week
News announcement20 November 2017Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion1 min read

Catering to young people’s needs


A new country, culture and language: how a vocational training course helped Nauras and Ebi to find a home and a future in Germany.
When Nauras Hason’s and Ebi Magham’s families fled trouble in the Middle East and came to Germany, they had to adjust to a strange new world. A lack of skills, experience and the language barrier proved to be a challenge and they found themselves in need of a helping hand. Enter the ESF-funded ‘Seize your opportunity’ project, from MYK4International.
Taking part in ‘Seize your opportunity’ was the perfect way for Nauras and Ebi to overcome their difficulties and embrace life in Germany. The project focused on the hotel and catering sector, and offered a course that included practical and theoretical training in cookery.
The practical part included six weeks in France. Ebi admits that he was apprehensive about travelling across the border. “The most difficult part for me was that I did not know what to expect in France. But that disappeared on the first day I arrived.”
As well as allowing Nauras and Ebi to gain valuable work-based skills, the course helped them to improve their understanding of German and introduced them to a potential new career.
“Cooking is my future,” Nauras says. “Now, all opportunities are open to me.”
Ebi agrees. “We can go as far as we want, nothing is standing in our way.”
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