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European Vocational Skills Week
News announcement5 November 2020Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion1 min read

From a job in a bank in the capital city to a beauty salon in home town


© 2020, Inga Kaļva

At the age of 29 I decided to follow my dreams and took an advantage offered in my home town to gain a qualification of visual image specialist. It was a new professional programme opened for the first time in home town's vocational school. At that time, I was working in the capital city Riga as a credit specialist in a bank, actually I was an office clerk, having Bachelor’s degree in jurisprudence. I gave up my job in the bank, moved all my and my family’s life to my home town which is 345 km away from the capital and enrolled in 1.5-year vocational education programme “Beauty services”. I am very glad, that I took an advantage to change my life and followed my heart voice. I have gained great experience and knowledge. After half a year of studies I already found a job, which I really adored. Now my days are full of interesting conversations and clients willing get willing challenging makeovers, energetic children in a hairdressing chair, excited brides willing to look their best – and I am so happy to be the one who can help them on their special day with beautiful hairdo and make-up.
A few days ago I got the diploma, confirming my qualification- I am really proud of it.


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