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News announcement20 November 2017Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion1 min read

Maximising Macedonia’s eco-tourism potential


Eco-tourism is an industry on the rise. Recognising this, a Macedonian vocational school took its students to a partner school in Slovenia for vocational tourism training.
The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia is a beautiful country and it’s environment holds a lot of potential for the emerging eco-tourism industry. One school in Makedonski Brod wanted to make sure its students could capitalise on this potential by training them in the latest eco-tourism approaches and techniques.
The school recognised the value of learning from the success of others and so teamed up with a high school in Novo Mesto, Slovenia. From 2015-2016, 24 tourism and hospitality students from Macedonia travelled to Novo Mesto for two weeks of vocational training supported by the Erasmus+ programme. The training allowed them to expand their understanding of both rural and eco-tourism, as well as meet and exchange ideas with likeminded young people.
On a practical front, the students produced two products aimed at eco-tourism and also a guidebook for the development of such products in the future, which was published on the Macedonian school’s website and Facebook page.
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