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European Vocational Skills Week
News announcement4 May 2020Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion2 min read

Please applaud: Eva Sliep, nursing teacher who sees opportunities!


Eva Sliep is eager to go to work as a nurse in care in these days of Corona. During this crisis, the senior secondary vocational education nurse at Summa College in Eindhoven (the Netherlands) sees not only problems but also opportunities to resume her old profession for a while. And to bring the practice into education: "That's where my passion lies".

As a born nurse who also wanted to become a teacher, Eva Sliep united the "two most beautiful professions in the whole world" into one function. "I can't let go the opportunity. I now have to work as a nurse. A nurse at heart - and that is me - feels a duty to help. In addition, this opportunity fits in very well with my vision on education. I want to put the practice increasingly into teaching", says Eva, who is not only a teacher but also a mentor and internship supervisor. "I am a big supporter of learning on the job by students and teachers. I get plenty of room for that at Summa College."

How do you keep in touch with your students now that they can't go to school because of corona?

"Coincidentally, I don't teach this period because my students are on internships. Normally students have a weekly return day because of an internship. Now I call them a lot and have a video conversation with each of them every week to hear how their internship is going".

How are your students doing on internships?

"I notice, that Corona's asking quite a lot of the students. They do their internships in high-risk places like hospitals and nursing homes where their help is desperately needed. I pay close attention to the fact that the students are still considered as students now that they are under extra pressure. It is important that they can continue to learn in these hectic times. There are also a number of students who are no longer able to do an internship because the care organisation only wants to offer care with its own staff. These students receive internship assignments from me through other forms of work. For example, they make an image compilation explaining the complications that can occur if someone has to lie on the bed for a long time. You have to be creative.”

On the website you’ll find more stories about VET-students doing important work during the Corona crisis. All stories are written in Dutch.

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