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European Vocational Skills Week
News announcement8 October 2019Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion1 min read

A VET journey to management


I was a student of the Secondary Vocational School Ostrovskeho 1 in Košice. My field of study was Information and Networking Technologies.

I’ve participated in various projects that have influenced my professional life. I completed technical certifications such as Cisco CCNA 1, 2, 3, 4 and NDG Linux 1. I also took part in T-Systems ABAP Summer University. Following this, during the third year of my high school studies, I started a part-time job in T-Systems. After some time, I engaged in the FPT Summer School and started working for Open Source communities (as a Fedora brand ambassador and Ubuntu translator).

My practical training experience took place in AT&T Global Network Services in Košice, Slovakia. I worked there as an IT engineer for Apple devices and, later, as a team leader for three school peers. We were responsible for selling IT products to Italian customers via phone. At the end of 2016, I started working in T-Systems Slovakia as a Technical Administrator of computer network components and Linux servers.

In 2017, I successfully graduated from the Secondary Vocational School Ostrovskeho 1, Slovakia and started my professional career. I began my full-time job as Migration Coordinator for one of the five biggest customers of T-Systems - Deutsche Post DHL. Later, I participated in establishing the T-Experience concept, which is focused on vocational education for students of the secondary schools that are in cooperation with T-Systems Slovakia.

In 2018, I established my own company, focused on IT services and consulting. On 1 September 2018, I started working as a Service Chain Operation Manager (a position within T-Systems Slovakia) for the worldwide company, Heineken. In August 2019, I was awarded by T-Systems Slovakia's unit management, consisting of approximately 380 people, in the category of ‘Proactivity and Automation’.

Antonio Raffaele Iannaccone, Service Chain Operation Manager, Slovakia


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