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European Vocational Skills Week
News announcement19 November 2018Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion

Apprenticeships for a brighter future - ESB Networks

ESB networks

Apprentice training has been incredibly impactful for ESB Networks. It has always been an element of ESB's development strategy. However, in recent years ESB Networks has significantly increased investment in this area. We now have a training programme building skills for almost 300 learners, representing almost 10% of ESB Networks' headcount.

Apprenticeship training has the natural benefit of teaching skills that are relevant to the core business activities. However, it also means that apprentices have the opportunity to grow and develop within our organisational culture. Furthermore, it gives front-line teams the opportunity and responsibility to help train and develop their future colleagues, and the confidence that we are investing in the future.

Our apprentice programme is a great opportunity, is heavily subscribed, and graduates become exceptional technicians. However, we are still working hard to promote apprentice training more broadly, especially among groups that are under-represented in the field.

Michael Conry, Manager, Training and Development, Ireland
Large Companies Winner ESB Networks DAC