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European Vocational Skills Week
News article19 November 2017Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion2 min read

Awards for VET Excellence - European Vocational Skills Week 2017


The award ceremony of the first European Vocational Skills Week 2016 was one of the major highlights of the Week and showcased examples of excellence in vocational education and training (VET).

A further series of awards will be given during the closing event of the second European Vocational Skills Week on 24 November 2017 by Marianne Thyssen, European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility.

The award ceremony will highlight some of the best VET examples in Europe and will:
◾recognise excellence
◾provide visibility and recognition for good work done
◾enable the building of networks and new career opportunities
◾enable the winners to become ambassadors in their field of expertise
◾reach out to citizens by mobilising VET actors at all levels

What are the criteria?

There will be a set of common criteria for all the awards, to be suggested by the Commission. These include illustrating excellence in VET, demonstrating energy and commitment or having a European dimension. For a full list of criteria see this leaflet. In addition, each award will have its own specific criteria, which will be agreed by the organisations responsible for managing that award.

How will the awards be organised?

Management of the awards will be by the organisations best able to undertake this role. The Commission will offer advice where necessary, and make sure that the results are achieved according to the timetable agreed with each organising body. Organisations that received an award in 2016 can participate again in 2017.

Award categories
◾International Skills Competitions Awards: This category recognises the exceptional performance of the European initial VET learner who achieved the highest number of points in the International Skills Competitions (Euroskills or Worldskills).
◾Cedefop Photo Award: This competition is organised by the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop). It is for VET learners in the EU and is open to groups of up to three. The competition includes two awards for the best series of photos. The purpose of the competition is to mobilise VET learners throughout Europe to showcase what VET means for them, and how they go about their daily VET learning experience.
◾ETF Torino Process Award for Entrepreneurship: For this award, the European Training Foundation (ETF) will launch a call for good practice in promoting entrepreneurship as a key competence in VET. The competition is open to all VET providers from ETF partner countries.
Innovative VET Provider Award: This award aims to identify a European provider of VET that has contributed to VET excellence through innovative practices among the members of the expert group 'Platform of European Associations of VET Providers'.
VET Research Award: This award aims to reward an outstanding VET research project, or an individual researcher who has made an outstanding contribution to innovative thinking in VET.
EAfA Award: This award aims to identify excellent contributions made to the supply, quality, image and mobility of apprenticeships within the 'European Alliance for Apprenticeships'. EAfA Awards will be given for companies, apprentices as well as teachers and trainers in apprenticeships.
Training at Work Award: This award aims to reward organisations that promote career-long professional learning in micro, small and medium companies and to inspire new practices and policies.