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European Vocational Skills Week
News announcement30 October 2020Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion

The begining of my life - Kocsis Nati


© 2020, Kocsis Nati

My name is Nati, my story started on 1. September, Hungary in a little town, Mórahalom.
I grew up in a village in Vojvodina, Serbia. When I was in Elementary School, I wanted to continue my studies in a friendly Secondary School. The biggest surprise came to me when János Tóth Vocational Training School in Mórahalom was waiting for the first-generation students. I had nothing to loose so I applied in the catering chef sector.
I made the best decisions of my life. The school provides dormitory care for students and I have the opportunity to take part in open-fire cooking competition on weekends where I can size countless opportunities.
I take part in dual training, where I practice in the hotel’s kitchen, two weeks each month, multiplying my steps I can move forward.
The school supports me, my plan for the future is a successful exam and mastering the gastro -culture of the world. I’d like to work in the hotel’s kitchen, learn languages, develop myself to be better and this way shows an example for those, who will chose the same path and help them.
I’d like to star my own business and employ a lot of students, who are really interested in this world.