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European Vocational Skills Week
News announcement29 August 2019Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion2 min read

Competitive VET for learners and teachers (COVET)


The Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes has approved the Competitive VET for learners and teachers (COVET) project, from the Zagreb Mechanical Engineering School, in order to gain experience of international practice and to strengthen the professional, and personal, competences of students and teachers. Students in the Occupation CNC Operator and I stayed in the French town of Toulouse during 1 to 16 December 2018.

During the week, students of the Industrial Engineering School began their departure at CFAI Midi-Pyrenees in Toulouse where they visited the educational centre with all its workshops, internships and classrooms. Students in the first workplace prepared the processing machine and thus mastered the basics of preparing the production of the finished work. While at the second place of work they followed the production, and in the third place, the CNC machine was in operation. The final, fourth part of the process, they understood the control of finished products by means of different control devices, and the students had to grind and polish the parts that required it.

The fifth day of stay in France was especially impressive for our students because they visited Airbus. The company has 60,000 employees, with headquarters in 16 European countries and two of their own schools.

Accompanied by me, mentor Marcela Vannson and Mr. Zdravko Cerovečki, students continued their work in ESTEVE. ESTEVE is a company that is extremely open to cooperate with students, and our students have also been welcomed here and have the pleasure of doing work by applying theoretical, and practical, knowledge from previous education in the ISA. In ESTEVE, the students also had a mentor who at any moment was of help, in order to successfully complete the technological process and/or the work assignment and thus fulfill all the goals planned with this mobility.

The last working day for our students was at CFAI Midi-Pyrenees, hosting a ceremony, in which the students of the ISA received a certificate on professional practice and exchange of experience in an informal atmosphere, with students and mentors from CFAI Midi-Pyrenees. For our students, this will remain a memorable memory and an experience that enriched and empowered them on a professional and personal level.

After our first mobility, the students expanded their knowledge, discovered their professional potential and skills that they had no opportunity to discover, and learned something new from French students and mentors. They have been transferring their experience to their friends from the school and encouraging them to develop their own skills, learn foreign languages and make professional occupations more popular, and interesting, through this European project.

This year, we also have a new mobility project where students have the opportunity to learn foreign languages, travel, exchange knowledge and gain experience with professionals from European countries, develop their skills and foster innovation in new project challenges.

Katarina Knežević, Mechanical subject teacher, Croatia


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