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European Vocational Skills Week
News announcement20 November 2018Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion

Cultural Heritage of Cetinska Krajina Region


During the European Skills Week 2018, the High Vocational School of ban Josip Jelacic, Sinj, participated in various activities relating to the skills acquired in vocational education and training under the name “Cultural Heritage of Cetinska Krajina Region”. My school has become one of the many European participants who want to promote vocational education as a smart choice that develops creativity and innovative students, and leads to greater employment opportunities and extremely high quality and interesting jobs.

High school ban Josip Jelačić, Sinj is situated in the Town of Sinj and the Cetinska Krajina in Croatia. The school educates students from the age of 15 to 18 for various professions (economists, commercialists, tourist merchants, salespeople, chefs, waiters, hairdressers, beauticians).

Our school engaged in this interesting initiative by organising various visits, online events and workshops on the topic of cultural heritage, economics and information technology. Alongside a presentation and attractive workshops, other events will be organised for those interested, especially students of elementary schools, to be acquainted with the occupations and advantages of enrolment in vocational training.

This event is a valuable contribution to the efforts to improve the system of VET and emphasise the role of students in creating a modern and efficient system that can contribute to the smart and sustainable growth of Croatia and Europe.

Students will deliver an event called Cultural heritage of Cetinska Krajina. It will bring students together to work on various projects with the cultural heritage of Cetinska Krajina being embedded in them all. Activities will include creating promotional material, preparing traditional cookies, presenting entrepreneurial ideas, organising an exhibition, introducing the Statistical Olympiad (to highlight the importance of competition in professions), developing business plans and organising a Humanitarian Fair.

All of these activities will be part of an Erasmus project preparation and will be pointing to significant events that have influenced the development of entrepreneurship and the preservation of cultural heritage and traditions in the region.

The event, under the motto “Discover your talents”, is helping students to acquire skills related to the labour market, through quality vocational education.

Nada Ratković, Teacher, Croatia