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European Vocational Skills Week
News announcement12 November 2018Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion

Drive to dance


During high school I loved to play football. I played for 9 years and in the 2nd division, which was a high competition level for me at that time.

When I was 15 years old I discovered that I really liked to dance. It began with breakdance. I had the feeling that when I finished dancing my head was totally free, like I had meditated for a few hours. I passed my high school exams with high grades. Then I found information about a dance education specialised in urban dance online. In that time, I danced once a week for two years. I loved to dance but my skills weren't enough to become a professional. So then I doubted if I had to go to the audition of this education or that I should stay home and go to a sport education. I then signed myself up for the audition and I found a place I had never seen before. A place where young people really connect, not based on the colour of the skin. We connected through movement; it really felt like I found a new family. In the first audition round they weren’t really sure about letting me into this education. But I believe that they saw my drive to dance, so they sent me through to the second round to see more of my skills and capacities. In the second round I really 'faked it till I made it', they saw a performer in me so they let me in.

I transformed during my time at the Secondary Vocational Urban Artist education. I started off as a little boy who played football for 10 years and turned into a creative artist/entrepreneur. I was really interested in the roots of urban dance. I found out that a lot of cities in The Netherlands have their own scene and they meet at different events and training sessions. For me my education wasn't a way towards my future job, it was really a moment of finding my passion in life.

Now we’re only four years further than that little stiff boy that participated in the audition. I'm now studying urban contemporary dance at the Amsterdam University of Arts where I really master my knowledge of dance and performance. Outside of school I do projects with different kinds of creative people; artists, producers, fashion designers, video makers, photographers and future designers.

Jinko Joshu Emanuel Wu Adams, Professional dancer, Netherlands